Public History Residency

I completed a nine month residency at the Michigan State University Museum, which has been extended. Below is a list of projects I managed.

  1. Cataloged and documented the Carolyn Mazloomi quilt collection. This documentation will be added into the Quilt Index. I also developed a set of criteria to determine which quilts we would accession into the permanent collection, and which quilts we would return.
  2. Completed oral history interviews with quilters whose work was represented in the Carolyn Mazloomi collection. These oral history interviews will be housed in the Michigan State University Museum quilt archive.
  3. Served on curatorial and exhibitions committees.
  4. Submitted an exhibition proposal with university partner, African Atlantic Research Team.
  5. Developed a Project 60/50 program for the Spring semester.
  6. Planned a program at the Great Lakes Folk Festival.